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All songs written by Lynn Moffatt

Produced by Chris Hall

Recorded by Chris Hall, Adam Hall, Terry Brown, and VWave Productions, Toronto Ontario, Canada. 

Mixed by Terry Brown, Vis-à-Via Recorders, Canada

Mastered by Ray Montford


Lynn Moffatt (Lead Vocals, guitar)

Matthew Riggs (guitar, backup vocals)

Chris Hall (steel guitar, mandolin, backup vocals)

Tyson Hiseler (bass guitar, backup vocals)

Stefan Loebus (drums).

Vito Rezza (drums)

Michael Fonfara (keyboards and piano)

Matt Horner (keyboards and organ)

Adrian Hogan (keyboards)

Ivana Popovic (strings)

Lindsay Cox (backing vocals).

Album photo by Ian Cole

Dark Room (Official Video) - Lynn Moffatt

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